Nachhaltigkeit n der Produktion

Energy Efficient Production

With the up to date AF series of Flat Die Thread Rolling Machines EWMenn has taken further steps towards higher energy efficiency in the production of fasteners. The AF 141 with its environmentally friendly features was a highlight at the Wire 2018 show in Düsseldorf. The machine is equipped with state of the art features including hydraulic die carrier clamping, push button die match adjustment and electric height adjustment of feeder and feedrails. With the Adaptive Die Match system (ADM®) that electronically permanently measures and, if necessary, automatically corrects die match newest technology is applied. The AF 141 runs at speeds between 45 and 150 parts per minute and can use dies with lengths 230/255mm or WB No.40. Shorter dies can, of course, be used as well. At the Wire 2018 show another new feature, the linear motor driven feedfinger, was shown.

Energy efficient drive concept

EWMenn also focuses on an energy efficient and environmentally friendly drive concept with servo motors. In every day production these drive systems not only offer high flexibility due to their extended speed range, they also impress through their energy efficiency, high power during setup and the electronic handwheel. The south westphalian manufacturer demonstrates its highly energy efficient concept for Flat Die Thread Rolling Machines by focusing on drive dimension suited for the application and by electronic management of main- and auxiliary drives. Only motors and drive components with high efficiency ratings are used, including the flywheel that can store energy and deliver it to cover peak loads, thus substantially reducing the required motor power.

Technical Data of AF 141:

  • max. Nominal diameter (mm): 20
  • max. Shank length (mm): 200
  • Die length (mm): 230 / 255
  • Waterbury No: 40
  • Die pocket depth (mm): 105 mm
  • Speed range (pos./min): 45 - 150 Stk./min.
  • Frequency controlled drive
  • Electronically controlled feedfinger retraction system
  • No change of feed rail end pieces is required when blank diameter is changed
  • Renowned EWMenn spare parts and after sales service