Peak Performance

EWMenn Machines deliver record-breaking peak performance in everyday use. If it comes to running at up to 1000 parts per minute, extremely short setup times for flexible machine use or the legendary longevity of EWMenn Machines: When Top Performance is required EWMenn Machines are at the top of the list. We have and always have had the claim to produce the best possible machines for our customers in the fastener industry and have strongly shaped the industry with our innovations.


An Eagle can spot a 16 cm or six-inch sized prey from 1500 m or almost a mile away and dive down with up to 250 km/h or 155 miles per hour to catch it. A perfect performance thanks to perfect sight and trained hunting skills. EWMenn has shaped the industry by continuously introducing trendsetting innovations. From the patented Hydraulic Clamping Adjustment System to the Push Button Die Match to the Automatic Die Match Adjustment and Monitoring system (ADM®) EWMenn has always established sensible innovations in the market. The most precise production of screws, bolts and other round profile has always been our focus. Even at their highest output rates our machines do not compromise quality.
Our long experience results in profitable solutions for our customers.

Pure Efficiency

EWMenn products are adapted precisely to fit to specific customer requirements. These highly specialized machines from Hilchenbach are a perfect example for pure efficiency. Low energy consumption in production, environmental friendliness, short setup times and very high durability lead to a first rate solution for economical production of fasteners, formed parts and anything else that can be formed on a flat die machine.

Made to measure adaptation

Today´s requirements for EWMenn machines are multifaceted. EWMenn machines are adapted as required by our customers. Made to measure adaptation coupled with sensible equipment and machine functions lead to lasting economic success. We put ourselves in our customer´s position and develop solutions with short setup times that cover a wide variety of applications and many material types.


EWMenn machines give customers security through their longevity and unsurpassed performance. At EWMenn customers can rest assured that they will profit from sensible innovations and will not be left behind when it comes to after sales support. We continue to develop together with our customers over time. Adherence to the heighest standards assures long term security to EWMenn users. In this manner EWMenn today is already setting the trends for the future of the fastener industry.