Manufacturers of Screws, Bolts and Round Profile

EWMenn is at home where ever Screws, Bolts and other Round Profiles are needed.
With benchmark setting innovations EWMenn products facilitate an efficient and high quality production of components for a number of different industries.


Form Rolling

Manufacturer of formed parts can achieve high productivity increases by using EWMenn machines.
By developing turnkey solutions jointly with the customer EWMenn realizes custom tailored processes that can lead to technological leaps.


Turned parts

When it comes to parts that are classically turned using EWMenn Flat Die Machines can lead to enormous productivity gains by inceasing output rates, thereby achieving high savings. EWMenn develops turnkey solutions with high process safety.


Products for the Automotive Industry require secure efficiency in both, process and final product. EWMenn machines offer their users in the automotive industry a combination of very short setup times and automatic in process control systems. In tough daily use for decades EWMenn machines stand for lowest error ratios and for holding tightest production tolerances. EWMenn machines can handle high loads and offer high stability – no matter if as standard or customized machine.


Manufacturers of Construction Fasteners need machines with high output rates and maximum efficiency. For these requirements EWMenn manufacturs high performance machines that offer short setup times. However, performance alone is not enough. The machines also have to be reliable in the long run. For decades EWMenn machine have established a reputation for their longevity and live up to it every day all over the world.

White Goods

Especially in this sector it is crucial that machines have short setup times and high flexibility in order to allow manufacturing of a wide variety of fasteners. EWMenn machines offer high flexibility and are designed for quick changeovers to enable efficient and cost effective production.


Precise miniature screws are often required for electronic components. This is one reason why suppliers in this field count on EWMenn. High speed EWMenn machines offer the precision required for the production of small and smallest parts, thereby facilitating high speed production without compromising quality.


The demands of the aerospace industry on fasteners are extremely high. This is why it is especially advantageous for manufacturers in this field to use EWMenn machines since they offer the ideal features for efficiently manufacturing small lot sizes. EWMenn machines can safely handle a wide variety of materials offering features such as automatic setup and in process control systems as well as in process heating systems. This increases the users´ability to react, in part because fast setup and a minimum consumption of setup parts contribute to high efficiency.